Five Weight Loss Secrets The Experts Will Never Tell You


The weight loss industry is a multi- billion dollar industry that combines recycled weight loss theories, celebrity endorsements and the promise of quick and easy life altering transformation, while secretly hoping that you never succeed.

Here are a few things you will never hear them talk about in the popular diet books

  1. All diets work. Whether you are counting & cutting out calories, restricting food groups, adding a supplement  or modifying in moderation what you are allowed . Everything works in the beginning of a new weight loss program. Most programs are not nearly as special as they would have you believe.

  2. All Diets fail- 99% of people know the difference between a healthy diet and one that will make you fat. The problem today isn’t lack of knowledge, its lack of consistency . The best program in the world doesn’t work unless you follow the rules

  3. Following the rules can be extremely uncomfortable- In addition to being readily available and affordable, junky processed foods( the sugar and flour based treats)- that many of us favor to modulate neuro chemicals and hormones in an attempt to reduce stress and soothe raw nerves are really tough to give up. Relying on will power only will last for so long until you are worn down and give in to your drug of choice -Ben and Jerry’s ,Pizza , oreos or macaroni and cheese.

  4. Uncomfortable doesn’t mean impossible- No matter how much you rely on junk food there are psychological , neurological and nutritional approaches that can help reduce your dependence on food to modulate your emotions. There are books like Dr. Pam Peekes “ The Hunger Fix” that are very helpful. Courses in cognitive behavior therapy by Dr. Judith Beck from her book “The Complete Beck Diet for Life” Supplements like relora, kava kava and tyrosine can also help calm you naturally.Also getting counseling or joining 12 step groups works as well.

  5. You are your best diet guru- You know deep down inside what works and what doesn’t for you. Other experts are giving you advice based on what works for them. You have specific tastes, cravings, stressful situations, skills, weaknesses that all go into the mix that is uniquely you. The best thing is to take advice that resonates with you and discard the rest. If it’s not working you need to look deeply inside and question your motives. How can you maximize your strengths and get help with your weaknesses?

Remember there is no magic pill, no single formula, no infomercial workout or gadget that will work miracles and help you lose and sustain long term weight loss.

Working with a nutrition coach will help you uncover the path that is right for you.

If you want more information on coaching for fat loss contact me and we’ll talk!

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