List of MUST EAT Super Foods for Maximizing Health, Fat loss and Energy

503537_57695898Coffee & Green Tea
Coffee is loaded with antioxidants which can protect against cell damage and reduce your risk of chronic diseases like colon cancer, stroke and diabetes. Green tea has “catechins” a type of antioxidant that protects against esophagus and stomach cancer. Green tea will also rev up your metabolism to help your body burn fat without making you too jittery.




Sweet potatoes, Purple Peruvian and Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes, Purple Peruvian and Hawaiian Purple sweet potatoes are the holy trinity of starches. They contain more vitamins, antioxidants and fiber than regular spuds. Available now at most major markets. Hawaiian sweets ( actually the root of a morning glory plant) are at most Asian markets now.



Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love this? I recommend one square a day of 70% + deep dark chocolate to keep your brain happy and to reap the health benefits. More is NOT good as the sugar fat and calories negate the health benefits if you go overboard.




Asparagus in green, purple and white varities- Abundant now and locally available which maximizes its nutrient content and diuretic properties. It has high potassium and B12 which can help improve your hearing.





Raw Garlic & Onions
Sulfur compounds in these roots give it a potent smell  and antimicrobial properties. They also contain allicin which wards off heart attack and stroke.




Greek plain yogurt
Greek plain yogurt will help you lose fat faster if you are dieting, will create a balance in your digestive tract that improves digestion and absorption of nutrients  and helps to control blood pressure if taken on a daily basis.





Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries
Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are all powerhouses of antioxidants and have super high rates of fiber while being extraordinarily low in calories – A cup of berries averages about 70 calories and has about 7 grams of good fiber.



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