Three Unusual Keys to Changing Your Habits with Diet and Exercise

Just like me I know most of you are always looking to make improvements with your life whether it be with diet and exercise or any other area of life.


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If you are not 100% happy with how things are in any part of your life, here are three keys to moving towards the goals with less hassle and better success.

1. Don’t schedule it.
Planning a new habit for a certain time of day means watching the clock and remembering when to do it. Instead make it second nature by piggy backing it onto an already formed habit as your cue.  My favorite example of this is flossing in the shower. I have to shower everyday so I just add this extra time to get the job done while enjoying the water massage.

2. Troubleshoot.
Anticipate what might challenge your resolve and work around it. I call it the “A squared” technique. Adapt and adjust to whatever comes up by having a plan “B” and even a plan “C.”  Don’t allow excuses and problems get in the way. DO whatever it takes and make it happen. Accept, not expect, that things will go as planned and be happier.

3. Take baby steps.
If you have a big goal break it down into manageable pieces. Wanting to eat better? Just start by focusing on breakfast and making it a priority as your healthiest meal. Once that becomes second nature move onto the next step. If you’ve been avoiding the gym and want to exercise more don’t resolve to go five days next week- just shoot for 1-2 times for 30 minutes and see how it goes. Forget the grand goals and accomplish smaller goals that bring greater satisfaction than bigger goals unmet and unaccomplished. This is how you build confidence and self esteem

66 days is the average time it takes people to form a new habit. SO give yourself enough time and don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up. Just keep going and check back in with me in about two months and let me know how you are doing.

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