Five Steps to Looking Ten Years Younger

Here are a few things you can do to feel better and look better without having plastic surgery or buying expensive products

1. Forget low fat diets
Low fat everything has been the craze since the 90’s ( I still love those non- fat snackwell cookies!) But if you look around it has actually made people fatter and less healthy than at any other time in history. Don’t fear fats. Testosterone and other vital hormones, needed for muscle growth and energy are directly affected by the amount and type of fat and cholesterol you take in from sources like grass fed beef , fish and avocado.

2. Stop the endless long cardio sessions
Ever notice people who go to aerobic classes, distance runners and walkers always seem to look the same? This type of training does very little to slow the aging process or reduce body fat and if fact can increase the production of Harmful free radicals that will make you look worse. The smarter way to go is interval training for shorter bouts and higher intensity. Long and slow exercise like walking has its place for disease fighting, mental clarity and weight maintenance, but its only one of several tools that increases overall wellness.

3. Stop blaming everything on how old you are
Your body doesn’t own a clock! Studies show men and women in their 90’s were able to gain muscle with just a few weeks of weight training. I know guys in their 60’s who maintain washboard abs. Don’t give into the hype about life is downhill after 40. Yes you have some aches and pains but there are ways to get around all of them. I know at age 55 I have been doing it for the past 15 years and feel better than ever. I still have the 31 inch waist I had in high school.

4. Drink lots of water!
It helps to renew your skin, it suppresses hunger and jacks up the metabolism so you can burn more fat all day long.

5. Prioritize strength training over cardio
Resistance training is the fountain of youth. You can offset the effects of sagging muscles, flabby midsections and decreased energy jut by doing a few brief strength training sessions each week.

I can tell you that age is all in your head!
I just spent time in Miami with my 70 year old friend Vaughn who walked with me 105 blocks and did 3 intense weight training sessions This is a guy who has had shoulder replacements, back surgery and numerous physical setbacks but keeps going. An inspiration to us all! The key is to keep moving and not allow anything to stop you especially the number we assign to our bodies. Its your life decide to be the best version of yourself each day and maximize your brief stay here on the planet.

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