Can You Remember Your Last Workout?

If not, it most likely did not consist of strength training….

As we get older, many of us begin to notice how certain things slip our memory. How many times have we found ourselves out at dinner discussing a familiar subject with friends when, all of a sudden, we hear ourselves utter the words, “ah, it’s on the tip of my tongue…?!”

We all fear the loss of memory and cognitive ability, but more and more studies are proving that exercise can improve long-term memory and lower the risk of dementia.

Recent research  has indicated that the memory center of the brain is actually capable of growing new cells well into old age; in fact, exercise even enlarges the brain’s memory center by several percent per year.

What’s interesting is the type of exercise that produces maximum results: strength training—yup, you got it! Good ole’ fashion weightlifting has shown marked memory improvement, because stress responses release norepinephrine, which is a hormone that may improve memory.

Therefore, if you would like to boost brain performance and retention, why not embark on a regular and comprehensive  exercise routine that emphasizes core work, high intensity intervals, and strength training (even a super-slow resistance workout).

In addition to your new brain workout, be sure to get adequate sleep and maintain a healthy diet…. and….

Wait a minute, what was I saying?

Oh yeah! Call me to set up your personal workout session!

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