How to Fix a Broken Diet

Have you ever been to a conference or forum wherein you find yourself sitting the whole day from morning to night? By the third
day, you feel bloated, your heart is fluttering from too much caffeine, and your sleep is all thrown off?!

As I always say, we are what we eat! Exercise is important; our bodies are made to move. Yet, what we put into our moves has a tremendous impact on how we feel, our weight, our entire being….

I am constantly told how many times someone’s diet has failed. Unfortunately many commercial diets are designed to fail. We are not robots, so not all the same things work for the same people. Nevertheless, there are several principles that can work for you!

First, make regular exercise a way of life. The only way to sustainable weight loss is to burn it off, not starve it off. It’s simple, we have to move.

Secondly, since weight is added through over-processed and refined foods, we should incorporate natural, whole foods into our life. This means that it’s not so much quantity but quality.

Another principle is to start out slowly, in small steps. Don’t set high, unrealistic goals, which only lead to frustration. You can do this by setting goals in terms of weeks and months, as opposed to days. Also, reduce whatever you are counting—calories, fat, carbs—by no more than a third of your normal amount.

Fourthly, and closely related to the previous principle, let your changes be for life and not just for the here and now. Any diet, weight program, or nutrition schedule that has an end date should raise a red flag. Whatever we put into practice should be for life.

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