Is There A Miracle Cure?

According to some experts, there is!

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the UK has recently published a report entitled “Exercise: The Miracle Cure and the Role of the Doctor in Promoting It.”

While the report is aimed at equipping doctors with practical techniques in promoting exercise to their patients, it does explain how valuable physical activity is in preventing a host of illnesses and diseases.

Here are some of the findings:

25-53% reduction in pain symptoms among osteoarthritis patients
30-50% reduction in risk of falling in older adults
30% lower all-cause mortality rate
31% reduction in cardiac mortality
31% of patients exhibit at least 10mm Hg drop in blood pressure
45% reduction in risk of bowel cancer
50-80% reduction in risk of developing type 2 diabetes
57% lower rate of prostate cancer progression
90% improvement in self-esteem

Sure, the days of buying snake oil are long gone and everyone detests a cheap gimmick. But the facts and findings don’t lie.

Physical activity can make a difference in your life and lead to concrete results….

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