Exercise and Heart Health

Happy heart health month! Whether you celebrate Valentines day or not February is a good time to take some steps toward better heart health.

If your goal is weight loss, building muscle, getting healthier, living longer and being more energized there is no denying that going to the gym, getting outside and being active has a tremendous benefit. Most types of exercise even simple walking has benefits to your heart – the most important of all muscles in your body.

Here are some of the ways exercise can benefit your healthy heart:

  • Blood pressure- The health risks associated with high blood pressure are numerous, severe artery damage, heart disease, inhibited brain function, poor kidney function, and increased risk of stroke and dementia.

Both resistance training and moderate intensity cardio training can reduce blood pressure.

  • Cardiac structure – Weight lifting ( using machines, dumbells or bands) has transformative powers. It not only changes the way you look on the outside but helps keeps things healthy on the inside. Studies show it can actually change the structural integrity of the heart muscle. It changes the diameter of the ventricle chambers and toughens up the actual muscle itself.
  • Circulation- Getting your heart rate up whether you are on a treadmill, taking a class or doing circuit strength training will increase blood flow volume.

Good circulation gets fresh oxygenated blood to all your organ systems and allows the heart to function optimally. Strength training has more benefits here than traditional cardio in enhancing the blood flow to your limbs. Other benefits include increased ability to focus, higher energy levels and healthier looking skin

  • Finally when you exercise at higher intensity levels you literally make yourself younger. Telomeres- which are the key signaling mechanisms on our chromosomes , become frayed as we age and cause us to appear older( graying hair, sagging skin, increased waist size) , but it has been shown that exercising at 70% maximum heart rate for short bursts can actually delay the aging process! Exercise is the fountain of youth!

Upgrade your workouts to benefit your heart. You will live longer, have less chance of dying of a heart attack and feel more alive and energized each day.
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