Exercise and Lifestyle Seminars, Cooking Demos, Lectures and Participatory Hands On Cooking Labs:

A sampling:

  • Five minute meals- how put together a healthy breakfast lunch or dinner in minimum time with maximum taste
  • Good to go – how to cook and pack healthy meals for work and on the road
  • Habit change – using neuroscience to break bad habits and create new healthier habits
  • Why sitting is the new smoking and what you can do about it
  • Best snacks for a smaller waistline
  • The power of goal setting – Will power vs. Skillpower
  • Maximizing your sleep for better health and energy and fat loss
  • Super foods for better moods and better health-  foods and supplements that help you to think better and functional at your highest level
  • More taste less waist- Cooking skills tha teach you how to turn familiar comfort foods into healthier appetizers entrees sides and salads
  • Sweet surrender- Getting the sugar out of your diet and making healthier dessert choices

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